CRAFTS: September was leathers, S&M and goatheads; October was sparkly black felts, Pugh and coneheads.

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SEPTEMBER: Recall the Folsom Goats and Anna T Fabulous of I NEED A SOCIAL LIFE.

OCTOBER: I made the cone mask (inspired by Gareth Pugh)…

… from sticky backed sparkly felt pieces collaged onto a cone constructed of foam sheets.

Photo courtesy of Anna Thorsen

For Dustin and Jay, I did a similar construction, without the face cover.

Dustin Jones and Jay Fisher getting ready to host TFD’s Rapture: Paranoia. Photo by Aleksandra Miko

Photo courtesy of Jay Fisher. Makeup by airbrush artist whose name I need to find out! LOVE IT!!! 

Photo courtesy of Anna Thorsen

Photo courtesy of Anna Thorsen