48 hour sale! Dia de los muertos sock monkey only $45 USD plus shipping!

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Special 48 hour sale! Only $45 USD plus shipping until Aug 8 midnight ET!



This sock monkey is MADE TO ORDER.

This deluxe Día de los Muertos [Day of the Dead] sock monkey is handmade/handsewn by Vancouver artist/therapeutic art facilitator Katarina Thorsen, and is part of her POST STREET sock creations!

“The visible stitch is the mark of the artist.”

This hand-sewn adorable and cuddly sock monkey is made from classic work socks and has a hand-drawn embroidered sugar skull face. The monkey wears single cloth flower headdress and skirt (each order unique). It has a hand-drawn, embroidered portrait of Frida Kahlo on the skirt. It measures about 24 inches tall.

POST STREET sock creations are individually made and hand-sewn.

Note: Frida’s face, flower, lace, skirt and skull designs will differ order to order.

‘Día de los Muertos’ sugar skull sock monkeys Part 4

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I’ve been so busy with my Dad’s book, with my street art and with my youth work that my poor sock monkey pile has been neglected.  But as the Fall settles in, I sense a new urgency to get back to my own sock monkey therapy in order to reconnect with crafting that soothes the soul.  It’s that time of year for pies and mushroom tarts and sewing.  My art will focus on my graphic novel, and my crafting will focus on filling ETSY orders and creating new creatures.  C.O.Z.Y.

Currently I am working on more sugar skull monkeys.


Día de los Muertos Part 1

Día de los Muertos Part 2

Día de los Muertos Part 3


To purchase MADE TO ORDER sugar skull sock monkeys go to:

One Día de los Muertos sugar skull sock monkey MADE TO ORDER by Post Street $55

Two Día de los Muertos sugar skull sock monkeys MADE TO ORDER by Post Street $85


‘Día de los Muertos’ sugar skull sock monkey part 2. The duo.

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Recall, my original post about the process of making a ‘Día de los Muertos’ sock monkey.  A duo is now ready for the world and on sale on ETSY!

These hand-sewn adorable and cuddly sock monkeys are made from classic work socks and have hand-drawn sugar skull faces drawn by art therapy studentMiko. The faces were then embroidered by me. The monkeys are wearing single cloth flower headdresses and flannel tartan skirts. They measure about 46 cm (18 inches) tall.

See my double faced monkey at: http://www.etsy.com/listing/82947102/dia-de-los-muertos-double-faced-sugar


‘Día de los Muertos’ sugar skull sock monkey. #Catrinas

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I asked my art therapy students, Miko and Alicia, to draw sugar skulls on old pillow cases.


We cut them out and the plan is to attach them to sock monkey faces.  Here’s the first prototype with a sugar skull drawn by Miko and embroidered by me.

LOVE IT!  It needs a skirt and a hat.

For more go to: PART 2