Hands are wonderful tools of healing. You knew that, right?

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I keep a bag of sock monkey supplies with me as we keep vigil at Dad’s bedside.  Sewing, or even just looking at the socks, can be healing.

Sewing can be a form of meditation if you approach it right. If the sewing project you are working on is not too complicated the mindless repetitiveness of making the stitches can be very relaxing. And when the project is done you will have a handmade item that was created with your healing hands. Hands are wonderful tools of healing. You knew that, right? [source]


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#Heal #sockmonkey. Watching over Dad.

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As I sit beside my father, who has entered the final chapter of his life, I sew.  It’s all I can do that feels like it lends an air of peace.  I try to write.  I just seem to stare at the pen.  I do tidy up a bit and clean his space and help him take a sip of cranberry juice.  I’ll lift the dog, Tobey, into his bed so he can pet him.  I watch Dad reach into the air for things he sees but I do not see.  But it’s when I just sit and sew a sock monkey that he seems most peaceful.  He knows I’m being industrious.  He likes that.  I posted the following on FB two days ago:

Ever doubted the power of the sock monkey? I just spent a peaceful couple of hours with my dad watching the debate and just being. He looked over as I was sewing a pink monkey and, through his morphine haze, raised his power fist and said, “that is wonderful.” “Fucking rights, Pappa.” and we laughed.

I made Dad a HEAL sock monkey last February when he went in for a large procedure.  It’s been hanging out with him ever since.

Baby #sock seagull. Innocence and gentle fearlessness. #arttherapy

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I used sock therapy today to deal with an anxious heart.  This baby seagull reminds me to keep an open mind, like “the wonder of a child seeing the world without preconceptions.” [Pema Chödrön]


My Haight Ashbury sock monkey! @sockysocksmith

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Recall the day a box of socks generously donated by Socksmith arrived!!!  Well, in that box were delicious Haight Ashbury socks.  I made a pair into a sock monkey last Sunday at our sock monkey art therapy session!




I adore Socksmith Design! @socksonhaight @sockysocksmith

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I was so happy to discover the delightful designs of Socksmith socks in 2010 during my pilgrimage to the Sockshop on Haight!  Socksmith has been so generous in donating boxes of socks for my art therapy program, and we used the socks voraciously!  The designs are so charming and unique, making sock bird and sock monkey making a delight!  You can’t predict the outcome!

Thanks for all your passion for socks and helping people express themselves through the art of the sock monkey. We at Socksmith Design are proud to have some input in your creative realm… – SOCKSMITH DESIGN

I’m looking forward to developing my new youth art therapy program/community development project and using Socksmith design socks in our initial pilot run this summer!



For example:


My HOT-SOX Frida Kahlo socks arrived from @socksonhaight, @sockysocksmith last week. This is MY #arttherapy!

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Frida Kahlo is my religion.

Finding Kahlo socks at Sockshop on Haight was inspiring and indeed my Frida sock monkeys have been very popular on my ETSY site!


A shipment arrived last week!  When I’m anxious, I pick up my craft bag, pull out a Frida sock and breathe and stitch.  Each stitch a thought.  I use sock monkey making as part of my art therapy program, and consequently, when I make sock monkeys, I heal as well!



Crafts I love: Maryellen’s sock monkeys and birds. #youthartisan

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As I mentioned in previous posts, as of January 1, 2011, I am introducing the concept of micro-industry and ETSY to my art therapy students to empower them as they sell their own crafts!

I love these sock creations by Maryellen!  Stay tuned as I post them on my POST STREET ETSY site later today!  To see the YOUTH ARTISAN section go to LINK.  Be sure to check out Maryellen’s beautiful watercolor!

POST STREET’s youth artisan section on @Etsy presents 3 new works by “Liz”! #arttherapy

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I am proposing to create another kind of business, based on “selflessness” that is in all of us. I am calling it social business. – Muhammed Yunus

As of January 1, 2011, I am introducing the concept of micro-industry and ETSY to my art therapy students to empower them as they sell their own crafts!  To see the YOUTH ARTISAN section go to LINK.

Today’s featured artist is Liz!

Liz has come through incredible hardships through humor, sensitivity and honesty. She is now a joyous and creative soul. Her crafts are so imaginative and inspiring. Liz fills a room with her spirit.