Pot of Earl Grey tea and filling an @Etsy alteration request… Late night sock time.

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The original sock monkey has a wool toque and an Operation Sock Monkey button...

A request was made to see what the sock monkey looks like with a green scarf and a felt heart! Then a red button instead! The result is pretty darn adorable. Now off to SOUTH CAROLINA!

PS. See annatfabulous‘s blog entry re: POST STREET SOCK CREATIONS!

@TFDPresents Jean-Claude Flame Dame meets the Freemasons!

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TFD Presents and their Post Street Sock Monkey mascot Jean Claude Flame Dame hosted ‘PARANOIA’ with FREEMASONS on October 30, 2010 at the Commodore in Vancouver, BC!

FREEMASONS with Jean-Claude Flame Dame!

Tommy D of TFD, Freemasons James and Russell, AnnaTFabulous of TFD with Jean Claude Flame Dame