The @bypoststreet paper dress.

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The by post street DRAWN TOGETHER launch event on April 14, 2013 featured two of my paper dresses:

Photo by Sairah Rodgers

Photo by Sairah Rodgers


Anna T Fabulous, Viranly, Josh Langston- The Social Life trio!



IMG_1418  IMG_1419 540548_10152709490405276_352136230_n

Wear and tear at the end of the event!

Wear and tear at the end of the event!



This dress was displayed only and will be available for purchase soon!









My nephew, Henrik, and friend, Darcy, unwrap the package!








I’m obsessed with the paper dress and very excited about this purchase!  It’s a classic!!!

‘Paper clothing may have seemed like a space age idea at the time, after all, the 1960s weren’t about the past, they were about the future, and what else was the space generation going to wear in lunar cities? Disposable paper clothing of course! Disposable and easily alterable, paper dresses became canvasses of Op Art and Super-graphics or psychedelic paisley and flower power prints. And in the days before T-shirt art, the paper dress was the fashion billboard. Advertising products or political candidates, the paper dress was the perfect medium for the message. However, there had been an established use of paper for making fashions dating back centuries before the self-consciously modern 1960s came along. Ready to Tear is a fascinating foray into a fantastic fad. From its origins to its popular and revolutionary use and quick demise in the 1960s, the paper dress evoked so much media attention at the height of its popularity that few thought it would ever go away.’ 48 pages, sumptuously illustrated, By Jonathan Walford, Published by Kickshaw Productions, May 2007


Jonathan Walford works as a fashion historian – including authoring books on the history of fashion (Seductive Shoe, 2007; Ready to Tear 2007; Forties Fashion 2008; Shoes A-Z; Designers, Brands, Manufacturers and Retailers, 2010), as well as curating exhibitions on fashion history for various museums. He has founded the Fashion History Museum with his partner Kenn Norman and they are currently looking for a location for the museum collection of over 10,000 artifacts dating from the mid 17th century to the present. Jonathan has also dabbled in buying and selling vintage and antique clothing since the late 1970s.


Purchased from KICKSHAW ON ETSY

See also: [click on images to go to sources]



Angel Wing ring from Ring Ring Ring on @ETSY warms the heart and soul…

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I wanted to get my daughter, Anna, something very special for her birthday in memory of my mother

I found the perfect thing during a ETSY surf session at RING RING RING on ETSY:

Graciously and going beyond the call of duty, the shop HAND-DELIVERED the ring to my daughter yesterday on her birthday!  Anna was very moved, as was I!

“Yeah she just dropped it off!!! Its SO F*#CKING BEAUTIFUL… It looks PERFECT!” – Anna    Photo courtesy of Anna Thorsen

My mom is, indeed, Anna’s guardian angel!

Mom and Anna in 1986.

Photo courtesy of Anna Thorsen


Check out RING RING RING’s shop:



CRAFTS: September was leathers, S&M and goatheads; October was sparkly black felts, Pugh and coneheads.

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SEPTEMBER: Recall the Folsom Goats and Anna T Fabulous of I NEED A SOCIAL LIFE.

OCTOBER: I made the cone mask (inspired by Gareth Pugh)…

… from sticky backed sparkly felt pieces collaged onto a cone constructed of foam sheets.

Photo courtesy of Anna Thorsen

For Dustin and Jay, I did a similar construction, without the face cover.

Dustin Jones and Jay Fisher getting ready to host TFD’s Rapture: Paranoia. Photo by Aleksandra Miko

Photo courtesy of Jay Fisher. Makeup by airbrush artist whose name I need to find out! LOVE IT!!! 

Photo courtesy of Anna Thorsen

Photo courtesy of Anna Thorsen

CRAFTS: The Folsom Goats

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I got a special request to make some goat headdresses for my daughter’s friends for Folsom Street Fair 2011 in San Francisco.  It’s been a marvelous journey of styrofoam heads, experimentation, leather collaging and glue-gunning!

The original request was “2 young goats” and it all evolved from there!



Photo courtesy of Anna Thorsen

Photo courtesy of Anna Thorsen

Photo courtesy of Anna Thorsen

Photo courtesy of Anna Thorsen

This post is dedicated to N8 ❤