Retiring my craft blog. See you at

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I love this blog. It has been part of my social media collection of sites for years now. Its main focus has been my personal crafting projects, craftivism and Operation Sock Monkey, and I have loved sharing the magical moments with you.

So why retire it?

As I prepare to fully focus on my art career and on freelance therapeutic art facilitation as well as spending much needed time creating new crafts and developing an accompanying curriculum– I am harnessing in my blogging and sharing my various creative processes and teachings and musings on one main site:

I am leaving this site up, as it contains a long visual history of my crafts and several how-to’s.

Thank you and tons of love! See you at


Local to global. Intergenerational craftivism with Operation Sock Monkey @woollybananas

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Last Sunday I had the pleasure of working with “my gang” at Rideau Manor again! 5 seniors participated in an Operation Sock Monkey (OSM) workshop and prepped a bunch of sock monkeys in celebration of Clowns Without Borders South Africa!









Special custom order: Jack Skellington- socks, cashmere, felt #recycledcrafts

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Start by sketching

Start by sketching


Find what you need!

Find what you need!







Fait accompli! Socks, cashmere, felt. #recycledcrafts #nightmarebeforechristmas

Fait accompli! Socks, cashmere, felt. #recycledcrafts #nightmarebeforechristmas




#operationsockmonkey does craft fairs! Shop local and handmade and support @woollybananas

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I want to acknowledge the extraordinary work of Operation Sock Monkey founder and lead operative Lindsey Hodgson. Truly my HERO! Where would we all be without her incredible vision and hard work? OMG. So many of us are operatives and happy sock monkey makers/therapists thanks to HER! And despite being a busy mom and professional woman, she takes time to man craft fairs and make sock monkey kits and manage OSM to help the cause expand and keep going. We are TRULY INDEBTED to this extraordinary woman. [APPLAUSE] Photo by Keith Lynn Staff

 You can support OPERATION SOCK MONKEY online or at:
Announcing our 2nd Holiday craft sale , Strathcona Winter Craft Fair. This is the 3rd year we're participating, always a great event, stop by and stock up on crafty goods, locally made!

Announcing our 2nd Holiday craft sale , Strathcona Winter Craft Fair. This is the 3rd year we’re participating, always a great event, stop by and stock up on crafty goods, locally made!

I LOVE PREPPING PRODUCT!  So relaxing and heartwarming.  Here are some of my latest:










And thank you to Lynn Gosnell (Auntie Lynn), Lenore Kane and friends for adding to the cornucopia!


On behalf of Operation Sock Monkey, huge thank you to Lenore Kane, Keith Lynn Staff and friends for the sock monkey additions for this year’s craft fairs! Love from Lindsey Hodgson and Kat! PS. And THANK YOU to all our OSM Operatives like Diana Brugos and partners around the globe!


2015 will be a very special OSM year filled with GLOBAL events, that’s for sure! Yay, sock monkeys! Keep sewing!

“She is sent to help you dance…” Operation Sock Monkey afternoon at Rideau Manor.

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Yesterday, residents at Rideau Manor in Burnaby BC, participated in an Operation Sock Monkey (OSM) workshop!  I had pre-prepped many sock birds for the residents to decorate (and to keep one each!).  During the workshop, I talked about OSM and we decorated monkeys and birds. It was an afternoon of smiles and laughter!





We talked about the Operation Sock Monkey Handbook and had a raffle at the end of the workshop.  This lovely resident won the “Canada Ambassador” and loved decorating her sock bird.



Many of the residents are visually impaired yet loved creating through the sense of touch.

20140810-145803-53883583.jpgThanks to Brent for arranging the opportunity and to Parmida for doing video capture for upcoming video! And thank you to the participants for being part of the cause.  And to all the local OSM operatives who made the sock monkeys!

Lindsey , OSM founder, picked up the batch of birds and monkeys today to add to this week’s shipment to Clowns Without Borders South Africa!  The sock creatures will be a part of the continued development of the  Sinovuyo Caring Families project in Cape Town, South Africa.



Rideau residents sent along some lovely notes with the sock monkeys and birds for Lindsey to include in the shipment:20140810-145834-53914724.jpg