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Many have asked me- when did you start making sock monkeys?  I wasn’t raised on them.  But I did catch the fever in my adulthood.  I believe it was 1997.

My dear friend, filmmaker Patti Henderson, and I were at a flea market and saw a vintage sock monkey sitting on top of a shelf.


Photo by Patti Henderson

In my mind- events greatly exaggerated I’m sure- we lunged at it at the same time, in slow motion.  Patti won.  And I’ve been chasing that first high ever since.  Consuming me!  I’ve made hundreds of sock monkeys since that fateful day.  I’ve been a part of (through teaching, facilitating, inspiring, whatever) thousands since then.

This monkey is my GOD.

Photo by Patti Henderson

Photo by Patti Henderson

I often wonder what would have happened if I had reached that monkey first.  Would I be who I am today?


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