Crafts I Love: Knitted Homes of Crime- Freddie Robins

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Freddie Robins

2002 Hand knitted wool, quilted lining fabric
Knitted by Jean Arkell
Commissioned by firstsite

These are the homes of female killers or the houses where they committed their crimes.


Christiana – 20 hours
16 Gloucester Place , Brighton, East Sussex – 1871
Mrs. Beard – 21 1/2 hours
64 Grand Parade, Brighton, East Sussex – 1871

Christiana Edmunds was a 43 year old spinster who lived with her widowed mother. She had become infatuated with a married man, Dr. Beard. In September 1870 she brought a box of chocolates to the Beard’s house and insisted that Mrs. Beard eat some over a pot of tea. Christiana had filled these chocolate creams with strychnine… READ MORE


Eleanor – 13 hours
2 Ivor Street (formerly Priory Street), Camden, London – 1890

Mary Eleanor Wheeler, aged 24, was living with a Charles Creighton under the assumed name of Eleanor Pearcey. She was having an affair with a married man, Frank Hogg. On 24 October 1890 she invited his wife Phoebe to tea. In her own kitchen she battered Mrs. Hogg over the head with a poker and then slit her throat…  READ MORE


Ethel – 10 hours
2 Council Houses, Kirkby on Bain, Lincolnshire – 1934

Ethel Major, aged 43, lived with her husband Arthur. In 1934, after 16 years of marriage and a child of their own, Arthur discovered that Ethel already had an illegitimate daughter, Auriel. Their marriage started to deteriorate and Ethel began to imagine that he was now having an affair. As a result of her suspicions she started to poison him… READ MORE


Charlotte – 14 1/2 hours
Coombe Farm Cottages, Sherborne, Dorset   – 1935

Charlotte Bryant, a 33-year-old illiterate mother of five, lived here with her husband Frederick. She enjoyed a drink and had a reputation as an amateur prostitute in the local pubsREAD MORE


Styllou – 22 1/2 hours
Ground Floor, 11 South Hill Park, Hampstead, London – 1954

Styllou Christofi, a 52-year-old cypriot woman, murdered her german daughter-in-law, Hella, at the family home on 28 July 1954. READ MORE

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