Knitting is a sort of mental tape recorder…

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These women had experienced the meditative and peaceful quality that overcomes one’s mind while knitting; they understood the way one’s thoughts get worked right into one’s knitting, discovering, as I did, that whatever I was thinking about when I last worked on a piece immediately spring back into my mind when I picked up the work again later on, as though knitting were a sort of mental tape recorder... – Debbie Stoller






Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 1.46.11 PM

I’m finding it very healing to knit.  Calms the mind.

Knitting grounds me in the realness of the physical world. The feel of the yarn in my fingers, the steady growth of the fabric, the soothing click of the needles, the attention required to stay on course all help to hold me close to terra firms. Though mind and spirit travel in the cosmos, beyond the moon and stars, my body stays rooted in comfortable solidity. I’ve come to appreciate solidity in these last few years, to value strength, an unshakeable core.

– Susan Gordon Lydon



3 thoughts on “Knitting is a sort of mental tape recorder…

  1. I’m spinning at the moment, so I have enough to knit when I’m a passenger in a car, or anytime really. I just love wool. Your pics above are like nectre to ”me bee” 🙂

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