Crafts I love: “cheeky pooches” by Kathryn Kirkpatrick! The cutest, most healing creatures ever!

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I was wonderfully surprised the other day when my friend, Nancy Kirkpatrick, brought over two of her sister Kathryn’s “Cheeky Pooches” as gifts for my brother and I.

When I received my yellow one, I became 5 again.

I was zoomed back in time, to the joy and safety of my childhood in Sweden.

The… years I had lived since then, tapered to a palpitating point, and vanished.

– Vladimir Nabokov

This is particularly moving as I recently lost my father.

The cheeky pooch somehow reminds me of Lotta’s beloved pig.  I was obsessed with her pig.  And the book was one of my faves.

The little cheeky pooch gives me such comfort.  Kathryn is a crafter extraordinaire.  I am so honored to own one of her creations!  I love the details.

Mine has a button showing Judy Garland in Wizard of Oz.  Nancy picked that one because she claims I make Intersections a home-like environment.

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.

My brother is a filmmaker and his little pooch’s button reflects that:

To inquire about Kathryn Kirkpatrick’s Cheeky Pooches, contact Nancy on Facebook!



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