Diabolo puppets at the @circlecraft Christmas fair!

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I fell in love with the Diabolo puppets!  I purchased the following two characters for use at Intersections Media:

The rat:

The beaver:


About Diabolo and Steven Barkley:

At the age of 10, inspired by his admiration for Jim Henson and the Muppets, Steven Barkley started making puppets to entertain himself and his friends:

“I used whatever materials I could find around the house, including mop heads and scrap fabrics from my mother’s sewing room. My grandmother used to get various fabrics for me. She’d collect all the fake fur pieces, wigs, old tuxedos and ballroom dresses she could find from the donations made by wealthy people living at McGregor Place in Montreal. Now, I work mostly with acrylic fun fur, blanket fleece and foam, which I cut from original patterns that I have designed. I assemble my puppets using a sewing machine, and then add details by hand. In 1992, I started Diabolo Puppets, my own small craft company dedicated to designing and manufacturing quality hand puppets…Our puppets are made with colourful, acrylic plush fur and acrylic fleece. The plastic eyeballs are securely fastened with metal washers and meet child-safety requirements. Knotted acrylic yarn antennae and arms on the bugs are stitched into reinforced seams so they cannot be pulled off.



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