Delicious book: Ready to Tear- Paper Fashions of the 60s by Jonathan Walford

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‘Paper clothing may have seemed like a space age idea at the time, after all, the 1960s weren’t about the past, they were about the future, and what else was the space generation going to wear in lunar cities? Disposable paper clothing of course! Disposable and easily alterable, paper dresses became canvasses of Op Art and Super-graphics or psychedelic paisley and flower power prints. And in the days before T-shirt art, the paper dress was the fashion billboard. Advertising products or political candidates, the paper dress was the perfect medium for the message. However, there had been an established use of paper for making fashions dating back centuries before the self-consciously modern 1960s came along. Ready to Tear is a fascinating foray into a fantastic fad. From its origins to its popular and revolutionary use and quick demise in the 1960s, the paper dress evoked so much media attention at the height of its popularity that few thought it would ever go away.’ 48 pages, sumptuously illustrated, By Jonathan Walford, Published by Kickshaw Productions, May 2007


Jonathan Walford works as a fashion historian – including authoring books on the history of fashion (Seductive Shoe, 2007; Ready to Tear 2007; Forties Fashion 2008; Shoes A-Z; Designers, Brands, Manufacturers and Retailers, 2010), as well as curating exhibitions on fashion history for various museums. He has founded the Fashion History Museum with his partner Kenn Norman and they are currently looking for a location for the museum collection of over 10,000 artifacts dating from the mid 17th century to the present. Jonathan has also dabbled in buying and selling vintage and antique clothing since the late 1970s.


Purchased from KICKSHAW ON ETSY

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My ETSY Paper Dress Treasury:


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  1. Those clips are fantastic! I have never seen them before – and I am going to steal the links! LOL

    Thanks for the nice plug


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