Special custom order for new patron is “knocking my socks off”!

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I’m in the process of working on some large orders for a wonderful new patron.  The sock monkeys centre around famous artists/personalities.  Here are the sketches!  I will post finished product photos soon!

Shown below is: Amy Winehouse, Edvard Munch, William Blake, Don Quixote, Hieronymous Bosch, Gustav Klimt, Salvador Dali, Aubrey Beardsley, Picasso, Austin Osman Spare, Robert Smith , Frida Kahlo, Francis Bacon


This is a great way for me to work actually.  It allows for unique one of a kind designs and a collaborative experience with the customer.

1. Customer suggests.

2. I sketch.

3. Customer agrees to design.

4. I make a  listing on ETSY.

5. Customer buys.

6. I make.

7. I ship.

To order your custom sock creation, you can contact me via my ETSY shop or at Email!


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