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Sock bird tutorial!

The sock bird design is my own.  Here are the instructions as hosted by Asterix, my African Grey!  “Welcome!”

1. Analyze the bird form.

This is what we will try to replicate using a simple sock:

2. Pick a sock!

3. Cut the sock!


4. Stuff the head and the body of the bird:

5. Attach body to head with pins:

6. Fold the tail:

7. Sew the head to the body and sew up the tail.

8. Attach the wings:

9. Make beak by cutting a triangle and sewing and stuffing a cone!

“Ok, so far?” asks Asterix.

10. Attach the beak and add some button eyes! 

11. Enjoy!  Here are samples of birds made by Kat and students!

Samples of Sock birds by youth artisans Maryellen, Hannah, Liz


By Liz!

Hope you enjoy making sock birds!  Love, Asterix!

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