Celebrating friendship in sock form. #cat #bird #love

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This friendship is unique! They absolutely love each other and they are not afraid to admit it! Here’s to being ourselves and being free in our personal choices! HAPPY PRIDE!

The cat is made from gorgeous high quality work socks and his head is tilted to accent his curiosity which, in this case, did not kill him. His little heart is made from a vintage plaid scarf. The little bird is made from a vintage hand-knit scarf with sock wings and sits so nicely in the palm of your hand. Both have vintage button eyes.

The sock cat is about 11″ (28 cm) tall from head to toe and 14″ (36 cm) long from nose to tail tip. The scarf bird is about 4.5 in (11cm) long from beak tip to tail.



Now for sale on POST STREET’s ETSY SITE!


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