My darling Mia More (@trampolinah) and her sock pug make the rounds at my interactive art event!

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I am in love with Mia More.  Truly one of the most beautiful people I know- inside and out.  I gave her one of my sock pugs as a small token of my love back in March:

Mia and her sock pug attended my interactive art event the other night.  Here is my portrait of Mia that I did for the event (now owned by Barb Snelgrove):

Here are some shots from the night of Mia and the pug making their appearance!

Photo by Victor Bearpark

Photo by Victor Bearpark (Mia posing with my son Julian Bowers!)

Photo by Barb Snelgrove

Photo by Barb Snelgrove

To order a sock pug go to my ETSY site!

Did I mention Mia is an excellent baker?!

Here are cookies she made for our sock monkey night back in March:

Here’s my journal entry about the “cookie incident” last Xmas, when my dog stole the cookies Mia gave me as I was driving home!

Here’s a photo of blueberry bread Mia gave me before the art event (she knew I wouldn’t have eaten!):


And Mia makes sock monkeys (of course!).  How cute is this one?!!!!  Though note it is actually made by her roommate TOMMY-D (not Mia)!

See more of Tommy’s monkeys at my post: HONESTLY…

Photo by Mia More (with Chuck Tuttle)


4 thoughts on “My darling Mia More (@trampolinah) and her sock pug make the rounds at my interactive art event!

  1. Awwwwwww!!!!! My heart MELTED at this post! Thank you SO much, Kat! I am so lucky to have you in my life!!!! You’re so amazing!!!!!
    PS. I would love to take credit for it, but Tommy actually made that sock monkey hahaha! I wanted my friend to have a CUTE monkey for when he went to get his treatments done in Boston so I got the socks and asked Tommy to make one. 🙂

  2. That sock pug is so realistic, it so captures the spirit of pug, that I could imagine it snorting, wheezing, groaning and drooling….

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