I adore Socksmith Design! @socksonhaight @sockysocksmith

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I was so happy to discover the delightful designs of Socksmith socks in 2010 during my pilgrimage to the Sockshop on Haight!  Socksmith has been so generous in donating boxes of socks for my art therapy program, and we used the socks voraciously!  The designs are so charming and unique, making sock bird and sock monkey making a delight!  You can’t predict the outcome!

Thanks for all your passion for socks and helping people express themselves through the art of the sock monkey. We at Socksmith Design are proud to have some input in your creative realm… – SOCKSMITH DESIGN

I’m looking forward to developing my new youth art therapy program/community development project and using Socksmith design socks in our initial pilot run this summer!



For example:



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