My treasury lists on ETSY- a fun way to window shop at home!

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I’m a proud member of the ETSY team: Northwest Treasure Chest.  Here and there, I will stroll through our shops and create treasury lists, highlighting items that fit a theme.  I find it quite relaxing!

For example:

View my lists at:

Love being a team member and meeting such amazing people like JennasRedRhino!


“Princess Monkey Kitten” special order! Step 1. The sketch. Step 2. The socks.

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Step 1. The Sketch:

A friend asked for a custom order for a PRINCESS MONKEY KITTEN, so this is the sketch I came up with:
Step 2. The socks:

My daughter gave me the perfect socks last month!  PINK authentic ROCKFORD RED HEELED SOCKS from FOX RIVER.


Each pair of Rockford socks comes with instructions.



How are #socks made?!

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HOW IT’s MADE (video):


My mom’s best friend, Jopie, hand-knit these socks for mom years ago.  I inherited them and use them all the time.  They are still in perfect condition.  But as Jopie has now moved back to Holland and a full circle is complete- it’s time for me to make something out of them.  Stay tuned.

Crafts I love: “The Pigeon” by the genius, Karen MacDonald, Nameless Wonders #myhero

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Recall my first post about Karen MacDonald of Nameless Wonders.

Her artistic ability inspires me so much, I have to shout it from the rooftops!  PLEASE visit her Facebook site and Etsy shop to enjoy her amazing creations.

The emotions that pour out of her creatures feels absolutely heartbreaking.

 Understandably, NOT for sale… Breathtaking. (photos by Karen MacDonald)

This sock monkey is infused with copper ions! @CopperSoleSocks

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I fell in love with these Copper Sole socks because of the “markings”!  I always picture what a sock monkey will look like whenever I see a pair of socks.  The heel is one of the most important parts.  These socks have the ultimate red heel for an adorable mouth!  And the socks themselves have an interesting, robust texture.  Result: ADORABLE!  And cat approved!


One of my first ETSY products was a Copper Sole sock monkey as well(!), made out of luxurious Merino Wool!  Similar colors.  I’m in love the with the charcoal and maroon combo:

Did you know that Copper is a mineral naturally found in your body? Copper helps your body stay energized as well as help repair dead or damaged skin. Your body needs copper to survive!  Copper Sole socks are made of yarn that has been imbedded with copper ions and will last the life of the sock. The Copper Sole Technology safely eliminates odor, rejuvenates the appearance of your feet, making them look and feel younger and more comfortable! (source)


UPDATE! Now for sale on ETSY:

BIRTHDAY CRAFT- “quite messy dark blue-green cat”! Karen MacDonald, Nameless Wonders

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I ordered the cutest little thing on ETSY and it arrived in time for my birthday!  PAINFULLY CUTE!  I’m in LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!

Now at home in North Vancouver, BC, Canada!

Karen MacDonald, Nameless Wonders

“Inspired by Japanese soft toys made from remnants of kimono fabrics, these are soft-sculptural and toy-like animals, mostly of hand-sewn fabrics, sometimes with incorporated found and recycled materials such as plastics and wires. They are sometimes part painted or covered in plaster, or contain knitted elements.  Each animal is made spontaneously, often starting with a limb or ear, and is freely cut, stitched, stuffed and added to until the form is complete. The final form is never known until the last stitch is tied off. They are based on ideas of animals and their relationship to their environment and to people – I am interested in what would happen if the animals got revenge or took on a more human role, as well as in animals in general. I am also inspired by museum collections and am currently working on recreating objects on that theme. I also make cheerful, colourful, off-the-wall animals to cover mobile phones and music players, as well as cat and rabbit brooches. Originally a ceramics maker, I was drawn to working in textiles and mixed media for the flexibility and variety of these materials and their potential to enable rapid completion of an idea, which is essential to the way I work.” (source)


I just love this artist!!!!!!!