CRAFT: #ElizabethTheFirst tapestry/quilt

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The tapestry/quilt, begun in 1998, was inspired by the book ELIZABETHAN TREASURES- The Hardwick Hall Textiles:

have special care and regard to p’serve the same from all manner of wett, mothe and other hurte or spoyle therofe and to leave them so preserved to contynewe at the sayed several houses as a foresayed for the better furnishying them therewithall. – Bess of Hardwick, Dowager Countess of Shrewsbury, 1601

Example from book:

I was very influenced by this piece. "The figure of Penelope in the Entrance Hall, Hardwick. View of the central panel: one of Bess's favourite heroines...created in the 1570's."

My Elizabeth the First tapestry.  This was truly one of my favorite projects:


3 thoughts on “CRAFT: #ElizabethTheFirst tapestry/quilt

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