My cubist sock monkey on @Etsy is making waves!

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I got THE BEST message today on Etsy Conversation from Jennifer of JennasRedRhino!

I love your cubist sock monkey.
I have been so amused by this thing since I first saw it.
I have created a Treasury so that I could praise it and promote it.

The Treasure is here:

I think you did a fine job of tagging the item. Every time I searched to find anything else I could add to the Treasury, I kept finding your monkey again!



This is such an honor and really exciting!  And it encourages me to keep pushing the envelope of traditional craft.  And tagging is a huge part of ETSY marketing- so I may be on the right path.  Slowly but surely, etching away on ETSY, learning the ropes!

Love, Katarina

Be sure to check out Jennifer’s wonderful and sassy shop at RED RHINO:

Valentine Hearts Waist Cincher

Check out of Northwest Treasure Chest Etsy Team: NWTC




2 thoughts on “My cubist sock monkey on @Etsy is making waves!

  1. She’s serious about this.
    She really did make a cubist sock monkey!
    It’s the cutest cubist creation I have ever seen!

  2. Yes, you are on the right path with your tags.

    I think tags need to be simple. They need to be the first things, impressions, observations, even stereotypes that you have when you are looking at something.

    You need to stop being yourself and become Mr. Imaginary Customer and think, “How would I find this widget?” and then use those words that describe the most basic things about your widget. Or your sock monkey.

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