Kat’s Read-Do Book Review #3: “A Sum of Destructions” #Picasso #Cubism #SockMonkeys @yalepress

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My study of Picasso's "Blind Minotaur Being Led By A Girl At Night," December 30, 2005

I recently completed my third cubist monkey ETSY order, inspired by Picasso and Cubism.

This sock monkey is an interpretation. A dismantling. ART.

This leads me to one of my favorite books on the subject: A Sum of Destructions- Picasso’s Cultures and the Creation of Cubism by Natasha Staller (Yale University Press, 2001).

Staller “argues that to a degree never before imagined Picasso’s revolutionary Cubism was saturated with his past… Each culture became a prism through which he viewed the next.  In each case he actively transformed what he found.” (from dust jacket).  I love this.  I believe all art is saturated in the past.  We are influenced by those that came before us, by culture, by our genetics, by our environment.   And I am certainly steeped in the tradition of crafts when I create my sock art.  I actively transform the simple sock.

A wonderful surprise of SOCK ART appears on Page 158:

Historical accounts of Cubism have always emphasized the break that occurred when Picasso dared to stick real, prosaic objects into otherwise artificial contexts of his collages… Regulars of the Chat Noir exploited such disjunctions between the literally real and the aesthetically artificial for comic ends… An anonymous Incohérent nailed up a “bas” (silk stocking) as his Bas-relief…

I will post my new cubist sock art soon!

Pablo Picasso - Wounded Bird and Cat - 1939

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Photo by Jennifer Schmidt


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