Photoshoot, sock creations by H, J and J including the edgiest sock monkey ever!

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Hannah A. showing the variety of sizes in my Post Street collection.  I love that Hannah has the craziness it takes to fully appreciate the magic of SOCK LOVE.

My long-limbed cat is currently one of my favorites.  I loved making it, and love the folksy result.

I am loving the scarf as an alternative to the sock!  Not as easy to shape, but that’s what helps the creative process along!  This sock owl just appeared.  I have quite the scarf collection, and we’ll see which one is the next “victim”!

Jasmine’s FANTASTIC “Fred”- which she gave my son, Julian, for Xmas.  I AM IN LOVE!


Hannah A. gave me this incredible sock monkey she made!  It’s a portrait of an infamous person.  Can you guess who?  It’s an AMAZING PORTRAIT!  I was floored!

Here, “he” poses with Julian’s ADORABLE sock monkey- “”Ninja” (who is missing its headband- I blame the cats)

Violet fell in love.  Oh dear!


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