Help support Operation Sock Monkey!

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Go to SOCK MONKEY MONTHLY to see my work with Operation Sock Monkey that links youth-at-risk and community members in Vancouver BC with women and children in South Africa through Clowns Without Borders South Africa!  The Clowns have been working orphans and vulnerable children and their guardians in partnership with the Khuphuka Project in Umqatsheni, KwaZulu-Natal.  “We are telling stories, practicing mindfulness, and playing games as we explore ways of connecting through play and creativity for orphans and their guardians affected by HIV/AIDS… Project Siyazisiza (Helping Ourselves) and Project Siyajabula (We are Happy) focuses on providing children and guardians affected by HIV/AIDS with the opportunity to reawaken to joy and happiness while finding the means to cope with stress and challenges in life.”  Our sock monkeys are used in the therapeutic process!

We will be placing the sock monkeys in local stores and craft shows with proceeds going to support training of women in South Africa to make and sell their own sock monkeys.  This will be a HUGE FOCUS this Fall and Winter!!!


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