FUN MAGAZINE: STUFFED- the crafting of softies

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Just picked the latest issue up at Book Warehouse!

I can’t wait for the present chaos to calm down so I can get crafting!  I carry supplies with my in my bag everywhere I go- but tragically, the supplies don’t get pulled out often.  The movie theatre is too dark, the meeting needs me to write notes, I’m driving… I did manage to get a few red hearts á la Post Street sewn when visiting my Dad, Roar, yesterday.  And last night I was planning to work on the first prototype of Post Street Sock Bear- but my washing machine in my apartment blew and flooded and all hell broke loose… UGH!  But all is OK.  Anyway- I was downtown this evening with my son and visiting and drawing tattoo on my daughter’s (Anna T Fabulous) arm- she’s in town for Pride and running and hosting (with Tommy D) a huge event this pride weekend: RAPTURE.  I’m so proud of them!

Queen Please. - Anna

Well, I DID have my sewing supplies along but they were not used unfortunately- but I DID pick up the latest copy of STUFFED at Book Warehouse on Davies and the publication is wonderful and inspirational.  It filled the need for crafting somewhat!

Get it!  Read it!  Make something!  Support your local bookstores!

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