Introducing “Post Street” Sock Creations

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“They’re birds, aren’t they?” – from Hitchcock’s The Birds

ONLINE ORDERS – go to “store”

All Post Street sock creations are one of a kind and hand-made; the visible stitch is the mark of the artist. © Katarina Thorsen 2010

Katarina’s sock creations were born from her personal connection to corvids and her love of the bird-form.  Katarina draws inspiration for her sock birds from the works of Lisa Larson and Tony Millionaire and from Alfred Hitchcock’s love of San Francisco.


• THE CROW: The crow guides your healing journey.  It gives you the courage to enter the darkness of the unknown and to let go of fear. The crow reminds you to laugh, live and love fiercely as you embrace your life’s mission.

• THE SEAGULL: The seagull represents your personal freedom.  By being honest with yourself and being genuine in your interactions, you liberate yourself.  The seagull reminds you that you can fly.

• THE MAGPIE: The magpie is symbolic of communication and creative expression. It reminds you to listen with more attention and to speak your mind more clearly.

• THE RAVEN: coming soon

• CUSTOM SOCK BIRDS (like owl, pigeon, robin, woodpecker…):

Some examples-

THE CARDINAL: The Cardinal reminds you to hold yourself with pride and to step into your natural confidence.  You were born to fly with grace and nobility.

THE KINGFISHER: The Kingfisher represents peace and prosperity.  It lets you know that abundance, warmth and love is unfolding in your life.

This particular Kingfisher was made exclusively for Kingfisher Bluez– an artist collective, record label, and music blog based in Vancouver, B.C.  Visit the site at !

THE CUCKOO BIRD: Native to Haiti. Proceeds from each sale of cuckoo will be donated to Haiti relief.

THE AFRICAN PARROT: “As a legendary companion to man, the parrot suggests a kind of guardian. Their ability to ‘parrot’ speech makes them a symbol of communication. As a totem, they lend us psychic support to fly, look beautiful, and be a maestro of non-malicious mockery.”

• SOCK MONKEY AND BABY BIRD: [A sock monkey] washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. – Pablo Picasso


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