#Vancouver #olympicdepression sock birds dedicated to @annatfabulous @TommyD and @DesmondReid!

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On this one year anniversary of Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympics, I dedicate this post to Anna T Fabulous, Tommy D and Des Reid.  I made the birds out of old souvenir bits.

These three amazing folk are more over-the-top than anyone else I know- and one year ago, our city finally reached the level of energy that suits this trio.  No matter what the controversy was beforehand and no matter what the Olympic legacy issues are now, for a few weeks these three were in ecstasy and so were we!

Anna T Fabulous!

Tommy D!


Sock bird from leftover bits of @Ozonesocks from fave shop @socksonhaight!

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I made (and sold) a long limbed cat from a pair of red OZONE FAIR ISLE SOCKS (bought in October 2010 from SOCKSHOP ON HAIGHT).   The green version is almost done!  Some bits were left over (a toe part from each sock)- too cute and valuable to throw away so I made a sock bird.  I used antique buttons bought in Fort Langley!


Crafts I love: buttons! buttonsladygallery.com

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Yahoo!  I got a message from WENDY, the maker of these beautiful handmade green buttons that I used on my scarf owl and sock cat and sock bird (bought at Knit & Stitch Shoppe in West Vancouver BC):

Wendy tells me that these particular buttons are called BUBBLE GUM BUTTONS.

Frog Pepper Bubble Gum Button

I can’t wait to get some more!

WENDY’S SITE: http://www.buttonladysgallery.com/

“My love for buttons has grown to a whole new dimension. It’s exciting to check the kiln each morning to see rows of little pieces of wearable art.”   – Wendy

Crafts I love: my Swedish grandmother’s wooden lunch box, 1910

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I treasure this little piece of family history.  My grandmother’s uncle made her this beautiful lunch box in 1910 either in Hudiksvall or Sigtuna, Sweden.  It was given to me when I was living in Sweden as a young child and I have used it ever since to contain treasures and trinkets.  It now contains the last remnants of my daughter‘s baby blanket, the infamous “tutta.”  The design is genius, a simple snap and lock lid.

As a comparison, a similar piece of Swedish folk art can be found at: Large Antique Lunch Box, Sweden

Crafts I love: @Yermits “Death of the Newspaper Industry Doll” #handmade

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I was so excited to open my mail today!  My YERMITS doll arrived!  I am over the top in love with this company and these dolls.  I need to hug and squeeze them, eat them!  Yes, I could die of jealousy but no, instead they INSPIRE and make me want to just sew and create!

Click on image to go to the main Yermits website:

Click on the image to go to the Yermits ETSY store:

Click on image to go to Yermits Flickr page:

I’ll let you explore the sites for a look at all the magical dolls.   “All Yermits are designed and handmade, and are one-of-a-kind creations made of both new and upcycled fabrics and stuffed with new polyfill stuffing.”

But HERE IS MINE!  The Death of the Newspaper Industry Doll!  The detailing is exquisite and the humor is fantastic!  It is also extremely heartbreaking.

He is described as follows:

Ah yes. The newspaper industry. Where do we start?
This fine old-school newspaper man has seen better days to be sure. He comes with 2 liquor bottles (rum and vodka) that fit nicely in (or out) of his sweater vest pockets. His work ethic can’t be faulted, indeed, his head is full to brimming with newspapers headlines and stories and it shows.
Alas, he is only a cog. An outdated cog. Sure, the company will milk every last living second of penny producing life out of him before summarily declaring him redundant. Given his lack of computer skills, it’s possible that this particular newspaper man is only still employed because of his union ties and years of service. A retirement package will be coming very, very soon.
Newspaper Yermit is about 16 inches tall.
Apologies to all the people I used to work with at the newspapers – this Yermit is certainly not meant to portray you, or mock you in any way. (Except maybe the 5 middle managers who came in a laid me off without even meeting me.)

Photo from Yermits ETSY site

Photo from Yermits ETSY site

My photos of the unveiling process:

Elephant and crow- a study in grey and black using @sockittomesocks

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I bought these fabulous, delicious, wonderful SOCK IT TO ME socks atSockshop on Haight back in October 2010!


Visit SOCK IT TO ME’s blog at:

What have I created with these amazing @sockittomesocks? #staytuned!

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I bought these fabulous, delicious, wonderful SOCK IT TO ME socks at Sockshop on Haight back in October 2010!  I am almost done the sock creation(s)!   Stay tuned!

Update: To see finished creation go to: FEB 7!

Love SOCK IT TO ME socks! Great company! Great vibe!

Visit SOCK IT TO ME’s blog at:

Crafts I love: The Restorative Justice Quilt, 2007. #youthgangs #prisonart

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I keep coming back to this quilt.  It has been used for a few years now to decorate my art therapy room, or to cover a sleepy student as he/she lounges on the couch during group sessions.  Made by rival gang members during my art therapy sessions at Burnaby Youth Custody Services Centre, 2007, creating it was an incredibly liberating experience as we tore the bandanas and wove them together.

For more custody art go to: LINK

My latest luscious #sockmonkey, this one made out of SmartWool Socks

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Making a sock monkey is not only to make an end-product.  It’s about falling in love with a pair of socks. To play with the sock form and design.  To enjoy how that design lends itself to traditional craft.  During my amazing shopping spree at Sockshop on Haight back in October, I splurged on a pair of SmartWool Socks that blew my socks off!

Gina Triplett‘s beautiful design on SmartWool Socks!

Crafts I love: @ryansteeleshow’s beloved grandma’s hand-knitted slippers. #cozy #treasure

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Home early today to write reports on my laptop.  My feet were freezing until I slipped the coziest slippers in the world on my feet!  They were made by comedian/actor Ryan Steele‘s late grandma.  I feel so lucky to have them!   I would have loved to have met her!

Don’t you stay at home of evenings? Don’t you love a cushioned seat in a corner, by the fireside, with your slippers on your feet? – Oliver Wendell Holmes